Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

It’s your very own

online business empire!

Yes, you heard that right. Your Online Business Empire is no longer just a distant dream.

Kickstart and reinforce your digital marketing measures. Get your business online the right way through our supercharged, fully integrated techniques.

Feeling flustered by the fast-paced digital era?

In general, business owners often find it hard to cope with the sheer number of apps, software, systems and tools needed to survive the onslaught. They prefer blindly follow the trends without actually knowing the strategy and tactics behind it.

The solution is just focus on understanding and deploy IOM (integrated Online Marketing) Strategy.

No time to follow up existing customers?

You probably heard that acquiring a new customer is 6-7 times more costly than as retaining an existing customer. However, you simply don’t have a database to keep your customers details, and simply don’t have enough time to do follow-ups with them. In the end, you keep looking for new customers. How about I tell you that there’s a system that will automate those process, and let you focus on the offense?

Don't know how to write attractive copywriting?

As a business owner, it is undeniable that you are master of your own trade. But when it comes to crafting words for your business, you might not be that creative, which ends up your sales letter or campaign ads went dry. As a result, you are unable to hook as many customer as you had expected.

Having a good copywriter by your side goes a long way.

Slow in responding to prospects?


At times, you need a vacation or healthy dose of sleep everyday, but customer can contact you anytime. And sometimes they expect you to response instantly, or else they will lost interest and just leave. If only there was a virtual assistant that can attend to the customers 24/7…

Behold… our very own Integrated Online Marketing Engine up for grab!

This is ONE OF A KIND package to integrate all the online marketing strategies into 1 SOLID PLAN!

A Perfect Package for setting up a proper foundation for your online business empire!

What We Can Do For You

We strategically apply the best of Integrated Online Marketing to improve your online business presence in the most effective manner.

Responsive Website

Maintain your prospect’s interest by ensuring your website looks great regardless the type of devices being used.


Capture your prospect’s eyeball and send your message across effectively in today’s congested digital world.

FB Marketing

Make use of the power of targetting in Social Media to reach your target audience in a precise & effective manner.

Google Marketing

Learn & adapt to how Google’s algorithm work and use the right keyword to raise your website ranking.

Database & CRM

Retain crucial information about your customer so your follow up activity will be smooth and increase your sales eventually.

Email Marketing

Let the Drip Email Campaign automate the follow up process of your contact list and just focus on closing the deal.

Saving the world one online business at a time.

They don’t call us On9BizHeroes for nothing! We’ve heard your calls for help! With our careful guidance, you too can join the ranks of the great online business aficionados.

Start your journey off with the ‘Origins’ Starter Pack and get a full setup of the tools you need.


If you’re looking to get started on your epic online journey and build that digital empire you’ve always dreamed of, then this is the place for you. Our basic starter pack is a holistic market entry set which includes online marketing necessities to set you up on solid footing.

ORIGINS (a.k.a The Starter Pack)

  • Database to store all your prospects and clients
  • Responsive 5 Pages website & 1 Landing Page
  • A proper email (E.g
  • Google trend research & Keyword identification
  • Google analytics to help you understand your demographics
  • Drip Email Campaign and Keyword driven articles
  • Facebook & Google Ads Campaign & audience targeting.
  • Social media page setup, posts, content creation and much more.

And the best part is the integration of all the systems & tools above to form the Integrated Online Marketing has been tested and proven to be very effective strategy for businesses like yours.

FIRST CLASS (a.k.a Advance Pack)

All the services available in the ORIGINS, plus:

  • Responsive Custom website & 1 Landing Page
  • Promotional Video Production
  • Facebook Pixel & Retargetting
  • More advanced FB & Google Ads Campaigns
  • Monthly ads management
  • 3 Months monitoring & advisory service

Designed for those who are looking for a more customized web development service and extended period of Integrated Online Marketing consultancy and strategy formation.

For more info, contact our sales team ( or whatsapp/call us at +60187777876 for more info.

INFINITY (a.k.a Expert Pack)

The ultimate package that can only be described in a face-to-face conversation only. It goes deep into the business fundamentals and require advanced consultation from the Heroes.

Contact us to set an appointment via email ( or whatsapp/call us at +60187777876 and our Heroes will get to you in no time!

Origins Package

(The Starter Pack)

+ Professional looks

+ Reach more audiences

+ Page ranking up

+ Biz automation

Meet your friendly neighbourhood Heroes

Hez Stark

Hez Stark

The Technologist

Special Abilities : Possess advance IT technology to help you achieve your breakthrough.
Captain Fadz

Captain Fadz

The Copywriter

Special Abilities : Skillful in crafting words to influence people’s mind and soul.
Hisham the Artmage

Hisham the Artmage

Art & Branding Guru

Special Abilities : Possess wisdom in using the Artistry to transform your biz to greatness.
KentEye The Hunter

KentEye The Hunter

FB & IG Specialist

Special Abilities : Agility and precision in pin-pointing your target audience in Social Media.
Agent Miera

Agent Miera

Chatbot & Public Relations

Special Abilities : Your friendly and highly skilled personal secret agent at your service.
Azmi The Lone Knight

Azmi The Lone Knight

Google & SEO Specialist

Special Abilities : Apply tools and deep knowledge to rank you up high in Google search.

What People Are Saying

“Very helpful online marketing coaching! Great for small companies looking to get their brand out there.”

Sharrine Ishak

Art Director, Nexasoft SB

“Great tools for SME to build their business! Get in touch with them right now!”

Marzuky Yusuf

Business Manager, ArenaVR

“Nothing beats having a team ready to support you and your business, On9BizHeroes definitely a must for retailer, startup, entrepreneur or anyone who wants to start or even having their current business into the tech world…Go for it!!!” Sufian Khairi

Director, Hezmedia Interactive SB

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What are you waiting for?

Your business need your wise decisions in order to grow, and you need to act FAST!

Embark yourself into the digital world adventure and establish your brand, all for the price of less than what a web development company may charge you for just one basic website and nothing else.

With On9BizHeroes, you get that much-needed bang for your buck, through an attentive team of experienced SEO specialists, designers, content creators, web developers, social media masters and tech people.


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