Facebook Marketing can contribute a lot to enhancing your online business’s conversion rates. Targeting through social media can greatly transform the way you target audiences and allows for more precise and effective results. It’s some pretty powerful stuff. Unfortunately, not many people know where to even start when it comes to Facebook Marketing.

By now, Facebook has surpassed 950 million users (and about 145 million users in the United States, about 43 percent of the nation’s population). Other than Google, it is the single most visited website on the Internet, giving companies access to potential. It’s no surprise that leveraging on

Facebook’s sheer size to carry out your marketing initiatives can do wonders for your conversion rates. Facebook marketing refers to creating—and actively using—a Facebook page as a communications channel to maintain contact with and attract customers. Facebook actively provides for this, letting users create individual profiles or business pages for companies, organizations, or any group attempting to develop a fan base for a product, service, or brand.

This colossal social network features nearly a billion potential customers. It would be a shame if you didn’t capitalize on its power. It is at least as essential as having a business web page (and actually much easier to create). Whether you represent a big brand or a small business employing only a handful of people, it’s likely that at least some of your customers are already on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing can be used by almost any business in practically any industry, including brands related to food, electronics, home goods, restaurants, apparel and more, as well as local businesses and personalities.

Facebook Marketing can be a pain to get the hang of and this is why On9BizHeroes is here to help jumpstart your entry into social media by helping you with your first FB ad setup and with helping you target the specific audience that you want to reach out to.

Not sure how to design a good FB Ads campaigns?

A lot of business owners face similar problems, as Facebook’s algorithm keeps changing and the cost of ads are getting higher each day. Leave the hard part to the experts, so that you can still make use of the power of targetting in Social Media to reach your target audience in a precise & effective manner.

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