The era of digital opportunities is upon us. With the development of technology raging on at such a rapid pace, leaving a sea of stranded business owners in its wake without an inkling of how to further their marketing initiatives, the world needs a hero…

On9BizHeroes is here to save the day! We have analyzed your business dilemmas and we know that your transition into the digital world is difficult and dangerous but necessary. This is why we’ve banded together to meet your issues head-on! Whether you’re completely new to the concept of building an online presence for your brand, or whether you have some idea of where your online presence is going, we’re here to help. You may know a thing or two about pushing your product through social media ads. We’ll help you fortify your current strategies. Whatever speed you decide to move at, we’re here to guide you into gear.

Hez Stark
Secret identity: Mohd Hezri Amir B. Abdul Latiff
Codename: Hez Stark
Origin story:
Intelligent and gifted, technological systems seemed to bend to his will ever since he was a child. As he grew, Hezri soon became a force to be reckoned with in the business world. As this tycoon prospered, his clients began to rely on his expertise in landing pages, databases, email technology, applications, tools, hosting and more to help ensure that their business’ IT setups ran smoothly. He realized, however, that there were many bad guys out there determined to bring his clients’ systems down. With the help of his trusty and secure power armor, he became Hez Stark, defender of internet systems and protector of client businesses.

Kent-Eye The Hunter

Secret identity: Tan Tze Ken

Codename: Kent-Eye the Hunter

Origin story:

A crossbreed between two different, powerful mutant species, Ken was born with a remarkable and unique eye. Through the years, he trained himself to hone in on his abilities and understand what different target markets require as well as how to identify viral topics, influencers and more. He found that he was able to surf through social media channels with inhuman speed. With his super-strong vision, Kent-eye he was able to define highly precise target audiences and launch effective paid ad campaigns that make his enemies tremble. He continues to use these powers to help businesses across the galaxy enter the online space.

Hisham The Mage

Secret identity: Mohd Hisham B. Othman

Codename: Hisham the Mage

Origin story:

After logging in to a strange IP address online, Hisham found that he was able to harness the energy of different realms. By using interdimensional power in order to manipulate reality, Hisham the mage leaned to build beautiful websites, the likes of which had never been seen. He was also able to understand creative design and branding to evoke emotional connections as well as the effective use of white space to guide the eyes of users. By enriching the minds of the people, he helps them visualize new ideas and concepts, one website at a time.

Captain Fadz

Secret identity: Rauf

Codename: Captain Fadz

Origin story:

While exploring the dense jungles of a foreign land, Rauf was held captive by a group of rebel soldiers who wanted to create the perfect weapon. Their experiments turned him in Captain Fadz and gave him the ability to convince anyone to do anything using just the power of his words. Value propositions and messaging as well as catchy headlines, tone and voice all come instinctively to him now. After breaking free of his captives, he vowed to use his powers only for good.

Azmi the Lone Knight

Secret identity: Azmi Dzaki

Codename: Azmi The Lone Knight

Origin story:

After seeing the injustice faced by online businesses due to a lack of proper, integrated digital marketing, Azmi noticed a strange connection between what people searched for and what they found. This, he soon found out, was called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and was a core component of a successful digital marketing strategy. Working behind the scenes, he honed his SEO abilities in order to increase the search rankings of good guys and bring down the bad guys. With a strong understanding of the different technical tools used in SEO and his sleek, seemingly invisible agility, he lurks within dark shadows, making the internet a safer place.

Agent Miera

Secret identity: Balqis Ismail

Codename: Agent Miera

Origin story:

Balqis was a quiet young lady who kept to herself, living an unremarkable existence in her flat at the heart of the city until the day she saw the online business superheroes of her city in action. Discovering that the heroes needed someone with powerful people skills to interface with the general public as well as with clients, she found that she had a natural talent for communications and sales. With plenty of hard work and a humble/likable personality, people from different walks of life were able to relate to her and build great, lasting relationships.

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