CRM stands for customer relationship management and a CRM customer database is made up of all the data you collect about your customers and this data is used with your customer relationship management system (or CRM). A CRM customer database can include all items such as:

  • A contact’s name, title and email address or Skype handle
  • The date when you last spoke and what you discussed
  • Sources of leads and their lead scores
  • Orders a customer has made and how much they spend
  • Their recent website visits or other brand engagements
  • The names of a customer’s kids or cats, their favorite hobby or any other personal data you need to keep the relationship friendly

With this data, a CRM can generate sales. You could say that a CRM is an engine for sales, integrated marketing, and customer service and the CRM database is the fuel that makes it run.

In fact, a CRM database retains crucial information about your customers so your follow up activities can be smooth and your sales can increase.

Many businesses need a CRM because they want to improve their marketing efficiency. The old-fashioned manual approach to tracking often ends up with leads and customers slipping through the cracks, lost in a spreadsheet or not given the attention they need. Such inefficiency can be a huge drag on your bottom line. Building a database is one of the best investments your company can make.

However, you may not have the necessary resources to build such a database. You may have decided on outsourcing to a third party but their costs are way too high for your liking.

In most instances, developers’ rates are pretty high when you request building a database, let alone something as simple as a website.

This is why On9BizHeroes offers the creation of a convenient and powerful CRM database and on top of this, our package’s competitive pricing and added features help put you at an advantage for much less of the budget that you otherwise have to spend elsewhere.

No time to follow up existing customers?

You probably heard that acquiring a new customer is 6-7 times more costly than as retaining an existing customer. However, you simply don’t have a database to keep your customers details, and simply don’t have enough time to do follow-ups with them. In the end, you keep looking for new customers. How about I tell you that there’s a system that will automate those process, and let you focus on the offense?

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